Guitar lessons online


You are a beginner or advanced guitarist. We can help you practicing together in an individual environment also in group too. You can take lessons creating good finger technique and tone sound.

Our highlights are here :

То learn music intervals;

To learn how to practice in tempo ( using the metronome );

To learn how to use the chords, scales and other different systems of tones ( Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian …)

If you would like to play classical, jazz, rock music or specific piece – we are ready to help you;

What are the proper ways to go to improvisation !? – We will find it together with you;


The guitar is an accompaniment or solo instrument. There are two main sections: the first – acoustic guitars; second – electric guitars. Guitars from each section are used in all musical styles.

There are many beautiful pieces composed for piano or some other instruments too. But don’t worry ! It is not a problem to be adapt for guitar.Because the guitar is a musical instrument with many possibilities.

To play on guitar – it’s a pleasure, it is a good way to learn more about yourself.

The lessons are in english by Skype.

Teacher: Tzvetan Marinov